Google reveals its new space, « The Workshop ». This 180m2 place is installed in the St-Lazare area in Paris. It offers to its prestigious customers a return to childhood between dream, freedom and travel. This project was created by our designer Elodie Ricord in close collaboration with the Uzik Agency. A desire to dream being in an immersive space between digital and matter. « Here and elsewhere, through the entire world, being at home, is already being at Google ». In this project, all has been considered: the interior design, the made to measure, numerous fun accessories offering a sense of humor, a relaxing and escape feeling. Elodie Ricord honors natural materials, oddity and culture, in a minimal spirit. The comfort is thought flexible, in an atypical environment, where everyone participates in one way or another in the transformation of the place. The common thread of the project was to create a « home » atmosphere, preserving its freedom of expression, its creativity and innovation. « The image of the brand, in the geometry, the raw materials, the reflections, the light, the colors bloom. Multiplying the wood materials, aerating the space and illuminating the matter, the fabrics, to off-center the verticality, some velvet warming up the place. At the core of the space, the library harmonizes itself, culture takes place. Like pixels in the sky, golden buttons adorn themselves and unite. The useful is there, just what it needs. Some storage here and there, books, decorative objects, our designer transforms this place which inspires and relaxes. As birds in the sky, art creates itself, reveals itself and flies away thanks to this creation signed by Elodie Ricord ».
The Lounge, imagined by Elodie Ricord in close collaboration with the Uzik Agency, reveals 120m2 of light and nature, intended for recreation, relaxation and well-being. Here we are immersed in a unique green decor where nature runs in our senses. Dived in a homely environment, this project reinvents dream and freedom, highlighting a detailed architecture in a familiar and atypical context. « Let us travel between digital and matter and share this enriching and unlimited culture of the world. Unveil the essential of this inspiration, creating a visual harmony, where objects humanize themselves, invest the space and take life. Some animal lights, a ludic library, a modular bench, an iconic clock, an organic decoration where nature takes place. Welcome in this creation signed by Elodie Ricord, showing this desire of escape where time stops just for an instant. Here and elsewhere, through the entire world, to be at home, is to be already at Google ».
Photos: © Nicolas Meunier / area of intervention : interior design, scenography / Parteners : Uzik / Arnaud Mielvaque / Atelier Stephan Coville / Helène Bouclet / Aliah concept Design / One events / La Grande Serre / Bo Concept - France / Moustache / Seletti / Serax / Mathieu Challières / Bloomingville / English Translation: Tilia Weevers