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Mood, ambience: from the French name "ambiant". « "If one imagines a world appart, from which we can be far from the agitation and rage, a context where one can find itself, a group, a climate, an atmosphere, energy, vibrations, this is the place to be. It would be my "Mood"».


The designer Elodie Ricord gives us here all her expertise in this project full of sunlight. Real or unreal? A sort of paradise, a true and lovely feeling inspired by the wonderful Mediterranean landscapes. Postcards, childhood memories, family moments in summer, or with friends, talking about anything until dark. Mood concentrates here all the graphic, conceptual and elegant world of Elodie Ricord. At just 32 years old, she gives us here an idyllic environment. Playing with the rhythm of light, music, and the day flow, this restaurant makes us dive in creativity. It is a cocoon of softness with chromatic nuances, a unique collection, custom made.

« I wanted to pay tribute to my clients and inspire them by creating this original space. This is for us a very beautiful creation, a signature of a timeless beauty. Harmony is also a life project, a nice cuisine, a good party, a place, a decor, a scenery, an environment, a Mood. "​ 

Thinking entirely our furniture: The Velvet shines from the chairs, it fascinates by its color, brings softness and reinvents the space. The Marquina marble, more austere and stylish underlines and enhances the restaurant's character. The mineral coating spreads like wildfire along the walls, the wall lights, symbol of trophies, like torches, reminding the old lights of the center aisles in the ancient train stations. The oak wood charms. Brass touches appear here and there, along the way, the sun shines in the restaurant's sky, our gorgeous chandeliers, makes us wonder. Between glass and light, a perfect scenery takes place, choreographed by our jars, symbol of guards, they greet and invites each customer to come in. Our center mirror highlights the DJ space, reflecting matter. The place lights up and shines under the sun, with a natural allure, simultaneously with a softened light and shades, it invites us to live and savour life, as an evidence. With Elodie Ricord, style rhymes with spirituality, each time it is a new story, a new world coming to life.

« Incoherent and dull figures were shaping the existing place. The first idea was to take in lightness more than overload. Working with sunlight and sublimate transparency. Putting in greenery, promote local products. Construction period: two months. To adopt a Mood style is to dive into a chromatic bath" explains the designer. "All has been created freely, eternally "Mood". We let us walk guided by the rhythm of the stars and the night. »

Photos: © Elodie Ricord / Areas of intervention: Creation & Decoration / Partners: Lefeuvre Yachting consult / Atelier Stephan Coville / Sellerie Motor Yacht / Miroiterie d'Art / Region Espaces Verts / France Fleurs / Prosperi /  Elitis / Ressource / The Socialite family / Smart candle / Caravane / Tudo & Co / Bloomingville / House Doctor / English Translation: Tilia Weevers
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