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Fébus offers to its town an innovative concept imagined changing the mass transit image. Combining ecology and comfort, welcome to the intelligent design. Matching with its environment, it was thought like a unique Haute Couture equipment by the Mayor of the town of Pau François Bayrou. Julien Gaubert takes this invisible aesthetic, thanks to his creative and interior design services for « Courrèges », in close partnership with Elodie Ricord. The challenge is great: « Constraints from the storage and congestion of the technical equipment, obliges us to conceive a made to measure aesthetic with millimeter accuracy.  Creating a futuristic and imaginary concept and adapting it to a realistic design. A clever thinking: taking account of the traffic, flows, the respect of the safety standards, and also the climatic and ecological impact. Taking the codes of the « Courrèges » brand, assimilating its couture design, and remake tomorrow’s public transport. Thinking an invisible line which incorporates itself perfectly to the whole town of Pau’s landscapes. »

Photos: © Elodie Ricord / Area of intervention: Interior design & Adaptation of the technical external design. Partners: Julien Gaubert / Lucas Parisot / Courrège / Van Hool / English Translation: Tilia Weevers
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