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Can Alegria is inspired by the poetry of the Mediterranean landscapes, where the ageless and festive dimension finds its pulse. Since 1920, this old Parisian cabaret inspired the greatest: Toulouse Lautrec, Picasso, Matisse and Edith Piaf came there to find their inspiration. This new project combining dream, travel and sharing opened in April 2018. It takes us in Elodie Ricord’s imaginary, where art and travel are honored: « We wanted to inspire ourselves from the idyllic landscapes of Ibiza, which brought an essential role in the Chef Marc-Antoine Colona’s life. The magic in retrieving the warm and festive ambiance, in a unique culinary art. » Elodie Ricord dreams of escape, she enhances the Spanish influence and illuminates the « Art Nouveau » style. Blue comes out and dresses the space. The conservation of the historical base on the front of the scenery with an inseparable brass / white marble duo, witch beyond the thinking exclusively on the spirit connects these two universes. Bench seats and mirrors made to measure, a wall ceramic made by Alexandra Carron, velvets, canings, wood stain, this new restaurant reinvents itself. « Can Alegria Paris » shows itself: the black external facade is nicknamed « The Light workshop », it reminds the infinite: imagine and notice from the outside, the inner light witch each one of us keeps inside. Let spring harmony of a sunny summer near the Mediterranean Sea take place.

Photos: © Antoine Harrewyn / Area of intervention: Visual identity, Scenography, Interior Architecture & Decoration. Partners: Henriette Guene / Lucas Parisot / Atelier Stephan Coville / Alexandra Carron / Atelier Maziane / Sellerie Debraise / NV Gallery / Bloomingville / Foscarini / Little Greene / Colorare / English Translation: Tilia Weevers
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