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Hatsu reveals its story: our project is inspired from a traditional ritual named HATSUMODE, founded in Japan: to witness the first sunrise of January the first of each year. This ceremony is to honor the goddess of the sun with a morning prayer, bringing health, happiness and wealth for the year to come. It is on this artistic vein that our interior designer developed her creation which incarnates the aesthetic spirit of this sacred family space. Welcome in this 80m2 apartment imagined by Elodie Ricord, placed in the heart of Nice. One can escape and settle in this minimal space, with a traditional touch. Referred to the symbol of the sun, this circle adorns and spreads harmoniously in the environment. A decoration that embellishes the space, where meditation, peace and relaxation take place. Between the design of objects and art craftwork, materials develop themselves: wood, paper, marble and velvet, come to act through the geometrical and architectural shapes. All the seating were made to stand on less than 30cm of the ground, the outlets on ground level and the switches at 1m. In this project, the human being adapts itself to its habitat.

Photos: © Elodie Ricord / areas of intervention: Interior design & creation / Partners: Aliah concept Design / Partenaires : Aliah concept Design / Simon Allen / Gubi / Holly Hunt / Madura / English Translation: Tilia Weevers
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